Digital gift cards, also known as E-gift cards, are becoming popular, especially with many customers and businesses shifting to online shopping. Digital gift cards work in the same way as regular cards, with the only difference being that the code is sent to the recipient through a text message or email. Below is a guide on how to redeem a digital gift card.

  • Store the card immediately- It’s important to keep the gift card notice in the form you received through mail or text. Recording the number and pin separately will come in handy if the original message is deleted accidentally. You can use the screenshot feature or a printout of a copy of the card.
  • Keep the cards- All the e-gift cards should be stored in one place to avoid confusion when using the cards on different sites. This can be by using a mobile app, creating a gift screenshot folder, or printing copies and putting the papers in a physical folder.
  • Refresh the card’s balance- Although most apps will show the balance after making a payment using a gift card, some may not be connected, requiring you to refresh the app.