We’ve all been there; planning for a fun night out at a bar or restaurant and we’re worrying about what we can wear and stressing about looking our best. Finding appropriate attire that suits us and impresses those around us can be tricky, but here we’ll give advice for how you can look your best at a bar or restaurant.

Wardrobe Choices

Naturally, the most important aspect here is going to be what you decide to wear. Depending on where you’ll be going, you should check in advance any dress codes that the venue may have. For instance, a high-end restaurant may have a strict policy of diners wearing formal evening wear such as suits and cocktail dresses. Knowing any dress codes in advance will allow you to plan ahead appropriately and avoid the last minute rush to find something you can wear. Choose an outfit that fits well and is also a good colour for your skin tone. When in doubt, a black suit or dress can be hard to go wrong with and black can suitably match with just about any accessory.

Staying in Shape

For many, looking their best can also include staying in good shape through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise such as cycling, walking, running and weight lifting can all help to achieve the body you aim for and to keep it in shape. Investing in bike shorts women can be appropriate when cycling is the exercise of choice, allowing the clothing to be suitable for the activity and to even look good whilst doing it. Buying bike shorts for women can maximise a bicycle workout and even help protect against any injuries. For instance, wearing heavy jeans can lead to you putting too much pressure on your legs whilst cycling and cause injuries such as sprains.


Well styled hair can make or break an outfit. As others will mainly be looking at our face when speaking, our hair can attract significant attention. Because of this, you should consider going for a haircut before going out to a bar or restaurant. Not only will this allow your hair to look good and well cared for, but it can also be an enjoyable process. Style your hair to your personal tastes prior to heading out, using suitable hair product and ensuring it looks simply fabulous ready to impress.