People like eating out for many reasons, including the convenience associated with it, especially for those who don’t like cooking and cleaning. However, for some, it’s the thrill of trying out new restaurants after receiving a gift card from a friend, colleague or family member. Whether operating a cafe or a chain of high-end restaurants, gift cards help attract new customers and keep loyal customers coming back. Here is a guide on getting the right gift cards for your restaurant.

POS (Point of Sale) Functionality

You must keep track of the card’s usage, especially if it is redeemable at multiple outlets. A POS software will help process the credit card and monitor transactions. Gift cards can either have a magnetic strip or barcode and specify this depending on the POS software.


This is where you should get creative because the card should amplify the restaurant’s culinary talents. On the card’s face, include a logo, contact information and location to help the customer reach you easily if they have any questions. The back should have the terms and conditions which will guide the customer on when using the card.