Every homeowner fancies a well-stocked bar. Imagine coming home and settling for a relaxed, pleasant evening or having a group of friends around and realising that you don’t have your favourite bottle of beer, liquor or wine? Having all types of alcohol available every time may not be necessary for all situations. There are basic things that can make a celebration, diner, or relaxing evening a challenge, including glassware. Though it may look okay to pour your alcohol straight from the bottle into a water glass, it is different if you have to use a coffee mug for this purpose. The following are types of glassware you need for the bar.

Collins and Highball Glasses

The highball and collins glasses are used when serving tall drinks, which may be difficult to differentiate because they are identical in shape and generally hold the same capacity. In a bar, the glasses serve mixed drinks, such as a single shot mixed with soda or juice, while at home, the glasses are ideal for juice, soda and other non-alcoholic drinks. In most cases, the drinks are made by directly mixing the ingredients inside the glass and adding ice to keep the drink cool.

Cocktail Glass</h2>

Also referred to as a martini glass, this is ideal for serving various cocktails such as the martini and is an alternative for margarita glasses that are mostly served without ice. The glasses come in different styles, including painted, roasted and those with stem shapes. It’s common to find stemless cocktail glasses; however, the stem allows one to hold or lift the glass without warming the drink with their body heat.

Shot Glass

Shot glasses are used to serve mixed shooters or straight shots and are very common in the bar. These glasses come in different shapes, sizes, and styles and have a thicker base to prevent the glass from breaking when one slams the glass on the counter or table after downing a shot. Consider having several shot glasses in case one break.

Beer Glasses

People prefer using a different set of glassware, depending on the type of beer being served. However, some of these glasses are used to mix beer interchangeably. Typical beer glasses you will find in a bar include the following:

  • Beer mugs
  • Pilsner glass
  • Ale glasses
  • Pint glass