When a new bar is picking out wall d├ęcor the manager will first need to decide on the ideal theme. It should make the establishment stand apart from all of the others in the local area. That way, customers will be more likely to come inside and try out the drinks.

Once the theme has been decided upon it is time to order prints. The poster website Desenio is the best place to find these products. There is an abundance of different styles to choose from. Some are very vibrant and colourful. Others utilise black and white in order to exude classiness. There is something for everyone on the Desenio website.


The forms of entertainment within a bar can vary. However, many of them contain TVs so that customers can watch sports games. If this is the case then the manager could use sports as the main bar theme. The wall art may contain football, racing or cricket iconography.


Recently, more bars have gone for styles that hark back to bygone eras. Art deco wall art can transform an interior so that it looks like a drinking establishment from the past. Silver and gold or black and white colour schemes are ideal.